Specialty Drinks


Classic Margarita drink 11 pitcher 42

espolon reposado, pierre ferrand dry curacoa,  organic agave nectar / fresh squeezed lime

  Blue Violet drink 11 pitcher 42

centinela blanco, blue curcao,  fresh blueberries, more good blueberry syrup

  Spicy Cucumber Margarita drink 11 pitcher 42

cazadores blanco / st. germain,  organic agave nectar,  cucumber,  jalapeño,  fresh squeezed lime

  Chupacabra’s Blood drink 12

corralejo blanco,  red diamond malbec,  organic agave nectar, fresh squeezed lime

  Watermelon Mint drink 11 pitcher 42

casamigos blanco,  pierre ferrand dry curaco,  organic agave nectar,  watermelon / mint leaves,  fresh squeezed lime

Strawberry Jalapeno Margarita drink 11 pitcher 42

sauza hornitos plata o3 orange liqueur, organic agave nectar, strawberry, jalapeno, fresh squeezed lime

Espresso Martini drink 12

patron xo-cafe,  rumchata,  espresso

  Bajarita Drink 13 pitcher 48

Don diego santa resposado,  pierre ferrand dry curacoa,  house IPA,  organic agave nectar,  fresh squeezed lime

  Baja Signature Margarita Drink 16 pitcher 62

patron barrel select baja328 reposado,  grand mariner,  organic agave nectar,  fresh squeezed lime, fresh juice squeezed orange

  Seasonal Margarita Drink 11 pitcher 42

sauza hornitos plata, o3 orange liqueur Ask Server for Details


Lost Angel Pinot Noir, Ca glass 10 bottle 31

Bright cherry colored with a taste of cherries, raspberries, strawberries

  Tom Gore Cabernet Sauvignon, Ca glass 10 bottle 31

Deep red color, fruit forward, aromas of currant, plum, hints of mocha

  Red Diamond Malbec, Argentina glass 10 bottle 31

Fruity bouquet of plums, berries, blackberries, boysenberry, cherries

  13 Celsius Pinot Grigio, Italy glass 10 bottle 31

Crisp,  floral aramas of pear and tropical fruit, lively finish

  Slow Press Chardonnay, Ca glass 10 bottle 31

Notes of fresh picked apples and pears meld with a hint of toasted vanilla, full bodied finish

  Barrymore Rose, Ca glass 12 bottle 37

delicate with floaral and light circus aramas, hints of stone fruit and blood orange, Crisp, vibrant finish

  Martini & Rossi Prosecco, Italy glass 9

fruity, well balanced with hints of apple, peach and vanilla clean finish.


Cheeseburger7   Neapolitan7   Sour patch7   lequila rose6   Watermelon5